Thursday, July 17, 2008


"Less Political" Christian Colleges: Eastern Mennonite University in Virginia has begun calling itself a "socially progressive" Christian college with a heritage of addressing social justice issues. The school believes faith is best lived out by having a more global perspective, less nationalism, and care for creation. Emphasizing social as well as personal piety, they say they may be different from others schools in that they don't consider their institution a "bastion of social conservatism", but say they have not given up on the meaning of the gospel either. Messiah College, a member of the Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), describes their teaching as "gracious Christianity," hoping to move beyond binary political labels" (Inside Higher Education June 30, 2008)

Kent comments:

Picture me sticking a finger down my throat and gagging myself. The motion of “Christian” institutions of all kinds toward wacky-left positions is enough to make anyone sick.

In addition to the general nauseousness evoked by the positions mentioned here, the constant repetition of the buzz phrases is perhaps even more sickening.

There is a reason for all these feelings of soul-shaking illness. Many of these buzz phrases - and the positions to which they are attached - are in fact a thin veneer which, when even slightly scratched, reveals muddled, even downright immoral, ideas and actions.

“Social justice issues” is usually a cover term for all kinds of programs that end up using the government to steal from some in order to create a government-dependent group in others. It is never just, and it is often very anti-social.

That “global perspective, less nationalism” is often a phrase describing the desire take those anti-social programs beyond one nation and impose them on the whole world.

“Care for creation” can’t be taken at face-value anymore. It has become the latest, greatest excuse to remove all individual political and economic liberty and impose fascist bureaucracy that would be pleased to see us all return to serfdom - except, of course, for the “feudal lords” of that bureaucracy.

What is “social piety” other than a pretext for socialism?

Are any of these things really “progressive”? That all depends upon what goal you are progressing toward. If your goal is some socialist utopia, than I suppose these folks are onto something. But if your goal is the fear of God and keeping His commandments, this isn’t progress, no matter how many times you attach the word “Christian” to your college.

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