Monday, November 17, 2008

The Moderate-to-Progressive Christ

The newsletter at my university recently carried this notice:

Episcopal Campus Ministry
The Episcopal Campus Ministry is now having meetings on Wednesday at 4:30 PM in the Interfaith Meeting Space in UC 206. We are in desperate need of new members. Anyone who is part of the Episcopal Church, or a moderate-to-progressive Christian, or is wanting to know Christ for the first time is more than welcome here.

Desperately seeking ‘moderate-to-progressive’ Christians. What, exactly, are these?

There has come to be a rather standard, though somewhat loose, meaning behind this phrase. These are ‘Christians’ who are not too worried about sound doctrine - they might not even think there is such a thing. They are ‘Christians’ who are willing to tolerate, or even support, leftist political causes. They are ‘Christians’ who are willing to tolerate almost anything, except those who are not willing to tolerate almost anything.

Are such as these really Christians in any significant sense of the word? Could anyone come to ‘know Christ for the first time’ from those who hold to this version of ‘Christianity’?

Of course, even the person of Jesus Christ is severely reinvented by ‘progressive’ Christians. In this context, Christ is disconnected from scripture and history, so he is easily reinvented. He becomes a ‘moderate-to-progressive’ Christ.

Just what we all need.

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