Saturday, December 5, 2009

Eat That Pancake

An Arizona woman said she was given peace and comfort from an unlikely source -- a pancake bearing an image she said resembles the Virgin Mary.

Bianca Lopez said she was cooking Batter Blaster pancakes for her family a few days before Thanksgiving at their Glendale home and she noticed the image of Jesus' mother looking back at her from the final pancake of the batch, KNXV-TV, Phoenix, reported Thursday. "I think it's God's way of telling us that the holidays aren't just about presents. It's about... spending time with your family and friends and telling us to not forget about him, that he's always there watching over us and taking care of us,"

Lopez said. Lopez said she is keeping the pancake safe in her freezer until she can decide what to do with it.

Kent Comments:

I know it’s never safe to say “never” – but just this once, I will!

I always have to wonder in these cases.  How does this lady know that the image “looking back at her” from the pancake (I’m trying to contain myself here) is that of “Jesus’ mother”?  Has she ever seen Jesus’ mother?  Who on earth could have the slightest idea of her appearance?  Enough of that . . .

God has a way of telling us what we ought to be and do.  It, thankfully, does not depend upon trying to find images in pancakes.  When the Word became flesh that event was predicted, announced, and interpreted by the words of prophets and Apostles, the collection of which we call the Bible.

So my advice is this:  while you are eating the pancake, read your Bible.  I know that sounds far too simple for many, but what can I say?

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