Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Constitution According to the Comic Strip

Today's Cartoon

[In case the comic strip is not visible, see Non Sequitur Comic for 06/10/2010.]

Kent comments:

Wow – the head of the ‘original Constitution’ guy just explodes.  It seems a little violent to me.  But it’s not half the violence that is done to the Constitution in this little bit of wildly inaccurate comic strip editorializing.

First, the ‘original Constitution’ did not ‘make it legal’ for anyone to own anyone.  It simply restricted the power of Congress in regard to making laws regarding slavery.  Perhaps Wiley Miller (the author of this strip) should read Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution sometime.  That section is about limits on Congress.  Article IV, Section 2 touches on the matter of slavery (and perhaps some other situations), but this time in regard to the limits of the duties of one state to another within the union.

Second, the ‘original Constitution’ says nothing about who may or may not vote.  It nowhere states or even implies that women my not vote.  It simply leaves those determinations up to the states.

Even a cursory reading of these sections reveals that the implied criticism of this comic strip is idiotic.  (I know comic strips are supposed to be funny, but it is good to distinguish humor from idiocy.)

So perhaps the rather smug black woman, speaking for Wiley Miller, did not quite blow the head off of the ‘original Constitution’ guy after all.  Maybe smug black woman and Wiley Miller need to do the unthinkable and actually read some of the Constitution before their heads implode due to a severe vacuum.


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