Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Will Environmentalists Ever Become Extinct?

Global extinction crisis looms, new study says
Threatened species, but there's still hope
New scientific evidence suggests that a growing number of creatures could disappear from the earth. One-fifth of the vertebrates and as many as a third of all sharks and rays are now threatened with extinction.

By Juliet Eilperin
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, October 27, 2010; 12:28 AM

A growing number of creatures could disappear from the earth, with one-fifth of all vertebrates and as many as a third of all sharks and rays now facing the threat of extinction, according to a new survey assessing nearly 26,000 species across the globe.
Kent comments:
The big, news-worthy reason why human beings cannot be allowed to thrive continues to morph.  First it was because we were causing global cooling.  Then came global warming.  With a lot of questionable science by questionable scientists, that one seemed to slip from the limelight a bit too much to suit the environmentalists.  So recently the reason-of-the-month was shifted to “climate change.”  It was a good way to hedge the environmentalist bet – any change could be pointed to with screams of “disaster – repent now!”
But it appears that a new contender for the reason-of-the-month as to why human beings cannot be allowed to thrive has hit the scene:  GLOBAL SPECIES EXTINCTION!
Peruse this Washington Post article, and you will find this general theme:  not enough of the earth’s environment is “protected” and therefore species will become extinct.  You might be wondering why this is such a big deal.  Haven’t there been untold species in the history of the earth that have become extinct?  Well, of course – but their extinction was not caused by HUMAN ACTIVITY! – which is, of course, evil.
So we need more of the earth to be protected.  Protected from what?  Human presence and activity, of course.  What kinds of human activity?  According to all the environmentalist human beings cited in the article, the worst things humans do are 1)  Exist:  we live and take up space where all these “endangered” species could be living, and 2)  Farming:  Human beings use too much of the earth to grow food.
Thus, according to the environmentalists, we apparently need to stop existing and thus growing food for ourselves.  According to this article:
Environmental groups are pushing for a goal of protecting 25 percent of all land on earth and 15 percent of the sea by 2020.
Allow me to translate:  environmentalists want 1/4 of the land of the earth off-limits to YOU.  (They would undoubtedly like much more than that off-limits to you, but they are willing to go slowly.  They would also like for you to keep away from some of the oceans.)
I think we should give environmentalists their own planet and let them “take care of it” in those ways they love so much.  Perhaps Mars would be a good choice.
But wait, by sending environmentalists there, we would violate one of their own key principles:  human beings must stay out!  So I’m not sure what to do with environmentalists.
Maybe we can hope they soon become extinct so human beings can go on “filling the earth” (I borrowed that phrase from God) without constant nagging from environmentalists.

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