Thursday, March 3, 2011

Easier Than I Used to Think

March 1, 2011


On evangelical campuses, rumblings of gay acceptance

By Cathleen Falsani

Some observers now wonder whether a major shift in opinions about homosexuality might be occurring among younger evangelicals.

The answer seems to be yes.

Last month, the student newspaper at Westmont College in California printed an open letter signed by 131 gay and gay-supportive alumni who said they had experienced “doubt, loneliness and fear due to the college’s stance on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues.”

Kent comments:

How can we determine if a moral position is correct?  That, of course, is a big question that could take us into the areas of meta- and normative ethics.  But now, with the help of some of the alumni of Westmont College in California, we at least know a sure way to determine if a moral position is wrong.  If a moral stance makes anyone ‘experience’ doubt, loneliness, or fear, then it is clearly wrong.

For example, I experience all these feelings whenever I think about the ‘you-must-accept-our-sexual-attitudes-and-practices’ stance of some homosexual advocacy groups.  So those stances must be wrong – which, presto! – makes me right!

Wasn’t that simple?  Just to broaden the perspective a bit, I have all those feelings about the Obama administration’s policies. Thus –bingo! – Obama is wrong, and I am right!

The news article goes on to say:

A 2010 poll by the Public Religion Research Institute and Religion News Service found that a majority of young adults favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry and adopt children.

Well then, if a majority favor this, is must be right.  Moral reasoning is so much easier than I used to think!

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