Saturday, February 11, 2012

Are You Ready for ‘Evolution Sunday’?

Did you know that tomorrow is “Evolution Sunday”?  It is a new thing to me.  It is apparently a time when some churches attempt to urge their members to “be reconciled to Darwinism.”  You can find an interesting report on this here.  There is also a good article on the compatibility of Darwinism and historic Christianity here.

Many think of some Christians as being ‘knee-jerk’ anti-Darwinists.  I think there is a lot of that going around.  I try not to be one of those.

I am compelled to reject Darwinism because Darwinism excludes anything other than pure randomness in its explanation of life, including human life.  You can read about attempts to reconcile Darwinism and the historic Christian faith in the article linked above.  It seems that even theistic evolutionists must decide whether they will attempt to construct their views on randomness or something else.  Whenever, in the end, that ‘something else’ is mind, they have in essence departed from Darwinism.

Even beyond the ‘Evolution Sunday’ debate, randomness cannot be a sufficient explanation of order.  We might say that you cannot even get Darwin and Darwinists by chance.  Darwinists are not complete idiots.  Many are very intelligent people who have simply not sufficiently considered the implications of randomness.  One such implication is that the very defense of Darwinism offered by Darwinists is merely a random happening!

Darwinism and historic Christianity are mutually exclusive.  Randomness is the dividing line.

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