Tuesday, February 24, 2015

State Controlled Education–A Good Idea?

I ran across this interesting headline at National Center for Policy Analysis:

State Controlled Education: Still A Good Idea

The point under the headline is that it would be a good idea for states to control education rather than the Feds.  Maybe – but a question that needs asking is this:  why do most assume that some government must “control” education?

What about recognizing the liberty we all should be free to exercise over our own education?  Why do we think that governments know what is best for us and for our families?

Higher education, lower education – pick any category you like.  Why involve governments in this?

Why should anyone agree that education needs “control” outside of the individuals who want it and others who might provide it?

This is not a new question, but it is a question that is never adequately answered, and cannot be asked too often:  if people are unable to control their own education, how does installing other people to control it for them solve the problem?  Who will control the controllers?

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