Thursday, August 4, 2016

The “He’s Not Hillary” Argument

I am more than a little upset with those who voted for Trump in the primaries.  Some of them are friends of mine, and I am sorry if this angers you, but I can’t change that.

It should not have taken long to figure out that Trump is nut job candidate.  The "he is not Hillary" argument is worthless when the guy who is not Hillary is Trump. I try to listen to him, but he sounds like someone who has never put two rational thoughts together.

My son attended a Trump rally recently.  Some of the things said there, with the encouragement of those who organized the rally, were reprehensible.  They were things that should not be said in polite company, let along in public.  Screaming about who you hate is not something that attracts people to a cause or a candidate.  (And there was plenty of that at the Trump rally, according to my son.)  The tenor and behavior at the Trump rally was not something that would even attract conservatives.  Who thinks it would attract those who are undecided?

Who can predict what a president Trump might do.  He seems to change his mind almost daily.  He has spoken strongly during his campaign about using protective tariffs to punish certain counties.  Do we understand that tariffs are a tax on us?  Do we understand that protectionism was a key factor in the Great Depression of the 1930s?

Having a lot of brass and sass might be OK if a candidate were advocating a consistent set of good ideas.  But Trump seems to have no idea what his ideas are, why he holds them, or if he might change his mind (if he has one) in the next few minutes.  Who can expect reasonable people to vote for the package that is Trump?

So I am ready to announce that, should Hillary be elected, it will be due to those who voted for Trump in the Republican primary. There were other choices - there always are. You folks made a very bad choice.  Did you not know what you were voting for, or did you just not care?

So now, the realistic possibilities (third parties just don’t get elected) are the mafia-like Hillary (no offense to the mafia intended) or the incoherent maniac Trump.

We might all have to suffer the consequences, no matter who is elected.  I hope you Trumpers are happy.