Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Choices, Choices and More Choices


[from the announcement list at the university where I minister]

Students for Choice

Come join us every Wednesday at 3:30pm in SU 108 and see for yourself what we’re all about!

Our mission is to inform, advocate, and protect people’s rights to safe and healthy reproductive services and to maintain a future in which all people’s rights are respected. Each member may feel differently about which issues to address according to her/his own personal beliefs but every reproductive justice activist believes that it is not in the power of the government to decide what a woman, man, or transgendered person can do with their own bodies and their own lives.

Kent Comments:

There are many problems implicit in this little announcement, apart from the grammatical errors in the last line.  I will skip many of these to focus on one point.

Notice that it is not, according to this group, within the (rightful) power of government to decide what a “person can do with their [sic] own bodies and their [sic] own lives.”

This is correct, as far as I can determine, just as long as the person in question is doing whatever she is doing only to her own body and life, and not the body and life of someone else.  But, of course, this group thinks that a living baby inside a mother’s body is just another part of that body.  Some even see the unborn baby as an ‘invader’ to be expelled by force.

That is a bit like inviting friends to spend their vacation at your house, and then drawing your gun in the night and shooting them because they have ‘invaded your home.’

But notice that this group also seems to believe that people have a right to “safe and healthy reproductive services.”  While they don’t state it here, you can be sure that they see it as the responsibility of the government, i.e., their fellow taxpaying citizens, to provide these “reproductive services.”

So let’s summarize their position: don’t you tell me whether or not I can kill an unwanted baby, but I will tell you the services I want that you must pay for.

These, then, are the ideological children of the Obama administration.  And all is right with the world.

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