Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More ‘Green’ Garbage


There appeared recently in Christianity Today a review of the relatively new ‘Green Bible.’  As you might guess (if you can make it past that nauseous feeling brought on by the constant repetition of ‘green’ in every conceivable venue these days) this is a Bible by environmentalists, for environmentalists.

The review is fairly negative, and worth reading.  But I was reminded of the nature of ‘environmentalism’ by one remark in the review.  In speaking of the many introductory essays in this ‘green’ Bible, the reviewer says:

All these resources aim to orient readers to Scripture's concern for the natural world, along with its calls for social justice and poverty relief.

We should all be in favor of not dumping our garbage in our neighbor’s yard.  But environmentalism has become an ism that goes far beyond this simple desire.  As in this review, it comes packaged with “calls for social justice and poverty relief.”

Now, if those terms were properly defined, I would call them legitimate concerns of Christians.  But what they typically mean in ‘green’ contexts is this:  forced wealth redistribution and the accompanying destruction of free enterprise.

This would be amusing were it not for the fact free enterprise produces both the wealth that the ‘greens’ want to redistribute and the technology that makes cleaner living possible.

But we are dealing here with a popular, yet deadly, ism and such things are often mindless and relentless – which by the way is a terrifying combination.

‘Green’ is not a color any Bible should be, because it stands for a cluster of ideas that are anti-Christian at their roots.  If you look carefully, you can see hints of this fact in many unexpected locations.


granpa said...
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granpa said...

Just stopped by to say hi. I am tired of all this green stuff. Makes me want to throw up. But that would most likely be green too.