Monday, May 11, 2009

No ‘Permit’ Is Needed!

This is from Patriot Post.  As much as I agree with the sentiments – and I realize it is meant as humor in part - it still doesn’t quite capture the essence of the situation.  The Second Amendment is NOT a ‘gun permit.’  That implies that some government has the authority to ban guns, but now ‘permits’ them.

Instead, the Second Amendment is (supposed to be) a restraint on government because people have a ‘built in’ right to the benefits of being personally – and thus collectively – armed.  In fact, the idea at one time was that God Himself had ‘built’ this right into us.

Alas, that is a view that has long since been left behind by most of us.  Even many of those who agree that we have this right are not armed enough to repel and invasion of groundhogs.  The other side has managed to make many of us afraid of firearms.  (It’s a bit like being afraid of newspapers.)

But nevertheless, the poster is amusing – and saddening.  Perhaps I shouldn’t think about these things.

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