Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We Haven’t Seen That One Since Last Thursday

This from the Foundation for Economic Education:

Tax Increases Eyed to Pay for Health Insurance

“After weeks of discussing ways to provide health care to the uninsured, Congress is beginning the difficult task of finding a way to pay for it. Lawmakers are considering a broad range of ideas — including a federal tax on sugary sodas — but a key Senate committee focused Tuesday on a proposal to tax health insurance that millions of workers get through their employers.” (USA Today, Wednesday)

The old rob-Peter-to pay-Paul trick. We haven’t see that one since last Thursday.

Kent comments:

The insanity of this sort of thing, which should be apparent, is rampant nonetheless.  Here in Kentucky during the winter we constantly hear complaints about how the poor can’t afford to pay their heating bills.  The utility company invites you to contribute to a ‘winter care’ fund when you pay your bill.

Meanwhile, that bill the poor can’t pay has a state tax tacked on to it.  Step one to solving such problems:  stop taxing these kinds of things.  Stop taxing most things.  Stop allowing governments to be the conduits of our money.

Every tax, and every program of government paid for by taxes, is in the end a reduction of liberty.  If liberty matters, then there must be less government to leave room for that liberty.

Meanwhile, all you slaves out there, get to work so you can pay your governments.  We haven’t done that since – yesterday.

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