Sunday, June 7, 2009

Non-violent Violence Against Free Speech

[from the Evansville Courier and Press]

. . . There can be no argument that the vitriolic language from some in the anti-abortion movement evidences no care for those whose opinions differ.

There can be no argument that the derogatory and inflammatory "naming" of Dr. Tiller by some anti-abortion activists violated God's intention of care.

Self evidently the act framed by some as "killing to prevent killing" is not morally justified, if for no other reason than Commandment Six and Jesus' new commandment: love one another (John 13:34).

It seems to me the reprehensible act of throwing around language of judgment and condemnation of a person whose beliefs and practices differ from one's own such that violence is done to the other seems to point to obvious culpability.

I will support Dr. Tiller's family in seeking to make that legal argument. Arrest Randall Terry, Rush Limbaugh and Scott Beck (and the list is long) as accessories to murder.

Karen Lipinczyk is pastor of St. Peter's United Church of Christ in Wadesville, Ind.

Kent Comments:

I offer no direct comment here on the matter of Dr. George Tiller.  Instead, notice a few very interesting points in these comments.

The first is that this ‘pastor-ette’ is with the United Church of Christ.  This is the ‘church’ group of Barack Obama, at least when he is not busy emphasizing his Muslim heritage.

But more importantly, notice that the pastor-ette wants to arrest, as ‘accessories to murder’ all those who make claims with which she disagrees.  (I have listened to Rush Limbaugh now and then through the years and I have never heard him advocate killing abortion providers!  But perhaps Karen is a closer follower of Rush than am I.)

Here is an amazing phenomenon:  the advocates of ‘non-violence’ who would use violence against those who simply say things they would rather not hear!  It is rather difficult to know what to think of people, like pastor Karen, who use the name of Jesus to advocate violence against those who won’t agree with their ideas about non-violence.  After all, if you want someone arrested then you are in favor of using violence against them.

So let us try to sort the matter out some more.  Pastor Karen would gladly use violence against those who speak any kind of words of condemnation against abortion providers.  I wonder what Pastor Karen thinks about the violence used against babies who are aborted?  My best guess is that while she might in some way regret that violence, she would not be in favor of stopping it.

Perhaps pastor Karen should consider some of the things Jesus said about hypocrites.


WDC said...

To me, the most concerning thing is that this pastor (and so many like her) want the Government to silence those with whom they disagree.

“Free speech for all! As long as your free speech is in agreement with mine.”

It is so sad when a person with such perverted skills of logic as Pastor Karen is given a pulpit…

I wonder…. If the government were to arrest Rush Limbaugh as an accessory to Dr. Tiller’s murder, and if the government were to convict and kill Limbaugh, should then Pastor Karen be arrested as an accessory to Limbaugh’s killing?...

mcblanc said...

I OBJECT to any attempt to characterize Pastor Karen Lipinczyk's "Vioce" as being that of an educated woman of Christian faith. I am an educated woman of Christian faith—As Well—and what My Thoughts are concerning The Slayings of "Dr." Tiller AND that of the Guard at the US Holocaust Museum are...

The very same weekend that Dr Tiller the Late-Term Abortionist was shot and killed there was Another Murder that LEFT-LEANERS & LIBERALS Normally Fail to INclude on Their "Hit Parade" Listings of Hate Crimes Committed in America: A young African-American man who’d converted to the Muslim religion shot two of his Fellow American Young Men who were serving as Army Recruiters—Quinton Ezeagwula and William Long—injuring Mr. Ezeagwula and killing William Long. What Gives—PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY KILLING AN ABORTIONIST IS A HATE CRIME BUT KILLING AN ARMY RECRUITER IS NOT??

The Documentation of the Crimes Against Humanity on display at the US Holocaust Museum was LARGELY COLLECTED by Soldiers in the U.S. Army as part of the Allied Forces Rescue Operations of the Prisoners in the Nazi Concentration Camps.

FURTHERMORE— Lives… by the Millions— Whose Worth The Nazis Callously & Methodically Dehumanized— Were Then Cut Short With Machine-like Efficiency… Behind Walls & Largely Out of Sight…THE ECHO-BOOM of This Terrible Legacy Is NOW The International-Abortion-Industrial-Complex.

Mothers Throughout History Have Been Called Upon To Sacrifice Their Sons… & Daughters… In Times Of War. The African-American Community KNOWS The Centuries of the Only Recently Acknowledged CULTURE WAR That Has Been Waged Against It Here & In Africa by BOTH OUTsiders & INsiders. The lives lost to Abortion have been lives sacrificed as part of Women’s struggle to achieve the Rights & Recognition of EQUAL Dignity&Respect&Authority to Men. Soldiers in All Wars Bear The Scars of Injuries & Terrible Loses To Themselves & To Their Buddies… We Wish It Didn’t Have To Happen This Way—But Another Way Just Couldn’t Be Found Within The Time Frame & Resources That Were Allotted To US.

Many women have obtained diplomas and promotions because their time & energies were not diverted at awkward moments in their own development to the 20+ years of DEMANDING WORK—a.k.a. MOTHERHOOD. The International-Abortion-Industrial-CompleXX has played its part in helping women to achieve Unprecedented Degrees of Academic & Workplace Success… But these High-Achieving Daughters are NOT ALL that the International-Abortion-Industrial-Complex has BEGOTTEN… In This GenNEXT Millennium— The MISSING LINK Connecting Abortion & The Epidemic of Breast Cancer will FINALLY Be “Discovered.”