Saturday, June 20, 2009

What’s Wrong with Schools?

All but the most naive would agree that many of the government-run schools in our country have problems.  The sources of these problems are many, but sometimes, the problems begin ‘at the top’ so to speak.  For example:

Bedford school board member Andrew Mizsak's argument with dad over cleaning his room prompts police call

by Michael K. McIntyre / Plain Dealer columnist

Monday May 18, 2009, 5:45 AM

It's odd enough that a Bedford father would actually call police after arguing with his son about cleaning his room.  Stranger still, the sloppy son is 28 years old and serves on the Bedford school board.

"I know this looks bad," said school board member Andrew Mizsak, who lives with his parents and works as a political consultant. His mother, Paula, is a Bedford councilwoman.

Mizsak's dad, also named Andrew, called 9-1-1 on Thursday after his son threw a plate of food across the kitchen table and balled his fist up at his dad when told to clean his room.

The senior Mizsak wouldn't press charges and told police, "I don't want to ruin his political career." According to the report, he said: "Andrew is 270 pounds and he can't fight him, that they do everything for Andrew and he doesn't even pay rent."

The elder Mizsak said Saturday, "I overreacted. No big deal."  According to the report, "Andrew was sent to his room to clean it. He was crying uncontrollably and stated he would comply."

Mizsak said he was embarrassed to take police away from more important work.  "My dad and I love each other very much," he said, promising to keep his basement room clean. "I'm lucky to be living in their house."

Kent comments:

Please note, if you have not already, some things about Andrew the younger – the plate-throwing, fist-shaking, 270 pound, 28-year-old.

This Andrew the younger lives with his parents rent-free.  He doesn’t like to clean his room.  He cries about these matters.  Yet, this pathetic human being works as a political consultant!  Did he help his mother get elected to the city council?  I must say that, judging from her son, this lady certainly has leadership ability.

I do believe that I have seen some of the effects of Andrew’s political ‘wisdom’ elsewhere in our country recently.

But, as if all this were not bad enough, some group of fools

elected this guy to the school board!

Why, then, would we ever wonder how the affairs of schools are in the shape they are.  As the saying goes, the lunatics are surely in charge of the asylum!

Staggering, is it not?  But even sadder is this:  these people are probably a notch above many others who have ensconced themselves in our political culture.  Think of Clintons, Kennedy’s, and the list goes on and on.  Truly, as many have feared, in a democracy the worst seem to rise to the top.

It might be time for some skimming.

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