Thursday, September 10, 2009

Next Time, Don’t Apologize


This morning I have tried several times to contact Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina.  It is currently impossible to access his website at the House of Representatives or get anything but a busy signal at his House phone.  From what I can read, he is being roundly condemned for calling out ‘you lie’ during Obama’s speech last night.  It is reported that he has apologized.

Mr. Wilson, you did not need to apologize.  Obama does nothing but lie, and at some point that is bound to provoke a righteous outburst from any decent man.  You did not need to apologize for speaking the truth – even to the President in a joint session of Congress, a location where truth is often in short supply.

If you were from Kentucky, I would gladly vote for you, for last night’s remark alone if for nothing else.  The Liar-in-Chief needed to be called out in public.  You did it.  I thank God that you did it.  You should be proud of it.

Your only mistake was the apology.  Do it again, and soon.  Next time, don’t apologize.

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