Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Obama: He’s No Adolf Hitler

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(regarding coverage of the 9-12 rally in D.C.)

On CNN, most of the daytime coverage was respectful, if not as intensive as on FNC. During the 5pm ET hour, the tone began to sour, as correspondent Jim Spellman argued that participants with "outlandish conspiracy theories" and who were "comparing President Obama to Hitler" were "a sizable thread. It's not just a couple of people on the edges."

Kent Comments:

Many comparisons of Obama and Hitler have been made lately.  (I will proudly plead ‘guilty’ to making some of those.)  In the ‘official’ news coverage of such comparisons, they are often described as ‘outlandish’ (as above), outrageous, and other such adjectives.

What is ‘outlandish’ about such a comparison?  I will be the first to admit that such comparisons are not exact, that is, there are plenty of ways in which Hitler and Obama are different.

For example, I see no indication whatever that Obama has any thought of exterminating a particular ethnic group, as did Hitler.  But Obama is very willing to allow legally, and fund from the national treasury, the killing of the unborn.  While he says he would prefer that abortion be ‘rare’ he nevertheless is willing to support and be supported by many groups who would like abortion to be ‘readily available.’  While that does not make Obama equal to Hitler, it does invite the comparison.  Clearly, Obama is much closer to Hitler on this point than someone who is consistently pro-life.

In the fiscal realm, there are also significant Hitler-Obama comparisons to be made.  The difficulty here is in deciding whether Obama is more an international socialist or a national socialist.  While he has shown both tendencies, significant parts of his approach fit the national socialist approach very closely.  He supports government control of many businesses and various aspects of financial matters.  In this he is like the national socialists.

On the other hand, he has also been deeply involved in advocating and implementing government ownership of various businesses, like automobile production and health care.  In this he is more like an international socialist.

So I, for one, would like to be clear that I do not nor have I ever thought that Obama is exactly like Hitler.  He does share some significant policy points in common with Hitler’s national socialism.

But in other ways he is more like the international socialists.  He’s not simply like Hitler.  He is also like Lenin or Stalin.  Good for him.

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