Monday, August 1, 2011

Un-true Lies

Today I received an email announcement which I reproduce, in part, here:

Congress Must Pass this Debt Ceiling Deal
Dear Harold,

We are on the cusp of averting a default — but we need your help to urge Congress to quickly pass the debt ceiling deal that was struck this weekend.

The deal isn’t perfect — but it prevents default, reduces spending, and avoids higher taxes. . .

Not passing this bill would be catastrophic.  If Congress cannot reach an agreement by tomorrow, the federal government would be forced to default on its debts.  That could lead to higher interest rates and higher costs for employers and consumers alike. . .


Bill Miller
Senior Vice President and National Political Director
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Kent comments:

What Bill Miller is hoping for appears to be a done deal at this point.  But in spite of that, I am a bit surprised that the U. S. Chamber of Commerce would be willing to propagate the lies found here.  (I say “lies” because it is difficult to think that an intelligent person would be ignorant of the facts in these matters.)

If Congress had done nothing, there is no reason to think the U.S. would default on its current debt obligations.  It certainly would NOT “be forced to default on its debts.”  That is a lie, and I am sure Bill Miller knows it.

This being the case, why would not passing the bill have been catastrophic?  It would be nothing more than forcing the government to balance the budget.  And why shouldn’t we want that? – unless, of course, you are some kind of statist who, on statist principles, wants an ever-expanding state.

The bill passed by the House today does NOT reduce spending.  It reduces the rate at which government spending will increase.

Shame on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for promoting lies – dirty lies at that.  Perhaps these people should re-name their organization “U.S. Chamber of Government Expansion.”  At least that wouldn’t be a lie!

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