Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Are You Thinking, Chuck?

It appears that Charles Colson has lost his mind, or at least some important parts of it.  In his latest Breakpoint commentary, while lamenting the temporary and unsustainable nature of the recent “budget deal”, he nevertheless can remark:

Folks, I see no biblical warrant for the two positions being embraced in Washington today — a total refusal to raise taxes on one hand; a total refusal to cut government spending on the other. They are both based on man-made ideology.

Is it too much to hope for — as a very well written letter signed by Christians for a Sustainable Economy argues — that our leaders correctly identify the problem (the debt, which the Bible certainly speaks about), put aside narrow political interests aside, and lead for the long term?

I think Chuck has a case of the “stupids” from his old boss Richard Nixon who liked to position himself “in the middle of the road” – a place, by the way, where it is easy to be run over.

But Chuck made me question myself.  So I zipped over to the web site of Christians for a Sustainable Economy, wondering what they had to say about all this.  When I arrived I saw the names like Mark Tooley and Marvin Olasky, so I was a bit shocked to think that they would condemn as un-Biblical the idea that we are “taxed enough already.”

When I read their letter to the President to which Colson referred, I found this very clear statement:

To give more money to Washington is to give the sickness the remedy it requests. The last thing the government needs is more money. It needs to cease its unwise and profligate spending.

But that sounds exactly like an endorsement of one of the “un-Biblical” positions that Colson condemns, “a total refusal to raise taxes.”  What is wrong with Colson lately?  And why is he citing for support a letter from a group that clearly does NOT agree with his “middle of the road” position?

I can’t answer that.  I can only say that I will pray for Chuck Colson’s mental recovery.

And one final note to Chuck:  sometimes raising tax rates brings in LESS total money to the government.  But that is not the main point here.  The main point here is that Christians for a Sustainable Economy is right – the last thing our government needs is more money.

(By the way, the letter looks very good.  If you scroll to the bottom of that page, you will find a place where you can add your signature of endorsement.)

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