Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beware of “Click to Call” Skype Add-on

This blog is usually about theology, philosophy, cultural critique – if you read it you know that.  Today, however, there is a small little tech matter I want to warn my friends and readers about in the hope that you won’t become as frustrated as I was yesterday.

I recently noticed that in Office 2010 applications, my multiple paste options had disappeared.  I could only paste things as text.  I often want to keep the original formatting.  It became a bit maddening.

After much searching, I found the answer on a Microsoft support forum.

If you install Skype (which I had done the day before) it will, by default, install a little add-on called “Skype click to call.”  For some reason, this little digital critter screws up the ability to paste properly in MS Office applications.

If you encounter this problem, be thankful that all you need do is uninstall “Skype click to call” and restart your computer.  The problem will disappear.

My guess is that the Skype people will fix this soon.  The Skype main program does NOT cause the problem, just the “click to call” add-on.  I hope this saves someone from frustration.

We now return to our usual business around here!

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Sonu Kumar said...

Thank you so much. Awesome write up dude about click to call.