Friday, March 2, 2012

Of Al and Rick

I must admit that I cannot keep up with ‘politics’ in the sense of electioneering.  I am busy with other matters.  But beyond that, even though I am interested in who might be elected, I find many aspects of the process revolting.  But that, as they say, is ‘politics.’

There is, however, an interesting article out the other day from Al Mohler in which he does a nice summary review of the campaigning of Rick Santorum.  I have heard many complaints about Santorum, especially that he is not focusing on what is important now, that being economic issues.

Who really knows what a candidate thinks these days.  From most of them you hear what they think you want them to say about various matters, including the very selection of matters about which they decide to say anything at all.  This is the impression I get from the admittedly very small bit of listening I have done to Mitt Romney:  a man reciting (somewhat woodenly) lines he thinks will get him elected.  And who can blame him for that?  His goal, after all, is to be elected.

But Mohler’s article portrays Santorum as saying things that many people think are likely to prevent him from being elected.  Mohler says, in effect, that Santorum has a theological view that he tends to brandish very openly when speaking about matters political.

I find that refreshing.  There are good reasons, some of which are very theological, not to force people who object to pay for abortions, or even birth control, just to name a few things.  And the fact that Santorum has certain theological views that motivate him to say these things – and that he freely makes those theological views known - I find to be a good quality in a candidate.

This is not an endorsement of Santorum.  I lean very much in the direction of Ron Paul on many issues.  (Though I hope that rumors that he might be maneuvering to be Romney’s VP candidate are false.  That would make me a bit queasy.)  But I can admire a guy like Santorum who puts his theological/worldview cards right out there on the political table, and follows them to their logical conclusions.

This in spite of the fact that I realize that such behavior is unlikely to get anyone elected – which probably speaks not so much to candidates as to the mental laziness and even stupidity of many voters.

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