Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dear Senator McConnell of Kentucky:

In an earlier post I questioned you in regard to your seemingly too open mind to the travesty that is the judgeship of the ‘I’m better than some white man’ Sotomayor.  But I see today that, in the end, you did the right thing, the only wise thing, and you will vote against her.

Since I questioned you before, I want to give you your due now.  Thank you for supporting the Constitution, and thus opposing Sotomayor.  Well done . . .


Kent B. True


Meanwhile, across the river in Ohio, something that calls himself a Republican – the kind of creature that has made some of us start to become ill at the sound of the word ‘Republican’ - George Voinovich of Ohio has disgraced his state, his office, and the Constitution by supporting Judge ‘I’m better than some white man’ Sotomayor.

With Republicans like Voinovich, who needs Democrats?  Is Voinovich really the best Ohio can do?

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