Saturday, August 29, 2009

Remembering Ted Kennedy


Now that the funeral is over and the leftist media will (perhaps) begin to wind down their completely uncritical praise of the last of the Kennedy brother plague, here is one more reflection on Ted Kennedy and other rich leftists.

Teddy has been touted for the last many days as someone who wanted to help ‘the little guy’ and ‘the working man.’  (Isn’t is rather amusing that, if you work well enough to make a significant amount of money, you are no longer a ‘working man’?)  He is being praised as a leader who dedicated his political life to ‘helping the poor.’

But if Teddy was truly a champion of the poor, how is it that he died a super-wealthy man?

Ted didn’t work for most of his wealth.  He inherited it from his father, who got it from all sorts of activities, some of which were illegal, such as bootleg liquor.  Teddy sat on this great wealth his whole life, never giving significant amounts of it to poor people.

Don’t you find that odd for a champion of the poor?

Teddy could have given millions upon millions of dollars to the poor and still led a relatively comfortable life.  He didn’t do that.  Instead, he maintained a massive ‘compound’ for his family.  He lived in utter luxury.  And yet he is supposed to be someone concerned with the poor.

While Teddy was not overly generous with his great inherited fortune, he was very glad to give away other people’s money in a way guaranteed to help his own political fortunes.  This was the perverted ‘generosity’ of the Kennedy’s and their ilk.

There is nobility in sacrificing your own goods to help others.  There is nothing noble about using the power of the state to steal from some and pretending to ‘give’ that to others.

And thus, there was nothing noble in this regard about Ted Kennedy.

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