Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who’s Lying Here?

So Ted Kennedy is dead.  I am going to try my best to refrain from singing the song of the Munchkins in ‘The Wizard of Oz.’  (If you think that insensitive, I must say that I don’t care.  One less enemy of liberty on earth can only be good for liberty.)

Now the memory of Teddy is being appealed to as a reason to make our nation even more socialist by socializing medicine.  Teddy did make it very clear that this was something he desired. 

As anyone who is awake knows, the debate about this has been rancorous.  Many people are rightly concerned about key issues that seem to hover about the various proposals for how to ‘reform’ (that is, make socialist) health care.  People have worried about things like their ability to buy private insurance, the government funding of abortion, governmental encouragement of assisted suicide instead of treatment for older and other people.  (The list could go on.)

On the other hand, der Fuhrer, B. Hussein Obama, has waged a media battle recently to expose the ‘lies’ about ‘his’ health care proposals.

Now, if der Fuhrer were an honest man who really wanted to make sure none of these things were part of his proposal, it would be very easy to do.  He would not need to keep calling his critics liars.

Instead, he could very simply insert into any bill regarding ‘health care reform’ he might support some very simple statements in the introduction.  For example, “No provision of this bill shall be construed to authorize or encourage the spending of government funds to provide, assist, or encourage abortion.”  Likewise, “No provision of this bill shall be construed to authorize or allow the rationing of health care.”

I’m sure these could be worded much better, but you get the idea.  Any of the ‘lies’ about der Fuhrer’s health care proposals could easily be pre-empted in this way.

It could be unless all those ‘lies’ about der Fuhrer’s proposals are not lies at all.  Rule out these objections by clear language in your proposal, Mr. Obama.  Unless, that is, the lies are coming, not from the critics, but from you.

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