Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Do Something, You Weenie Republicans!


Every evening before going to bed, I brush my teeth – and floss, too!  (Good hygiene, wouldn’t you say?)  Earlier this week I was listening to the Mark Levin radio show while pursuing said good hygiene.

Mark was talking with one of the Republican Senators on the judicial committee who had been questioning the new Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor.  This Senator had asked some good questions, but he repeatedly said to Mark Levin, “I have to be respectful.  She is a federal judge.”

As pertinent as the Senator’s questions for Sotomayor were, I have some questions for this Senator, and all those who take that approach.

Do you not think that, in this Sotomayor person, we are dealing with someone who has absolutely no regard for individual liberty?  Everything she has said indicates that she a lying weasel who will mouth any words to the Senate committee that she thinks will help get her nominated.

Do you remember how the haters of liberty treated Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas?  They defeated Bork and forever tarnished Thomas with tactics that had no relationship to respect.  Go back and listen to the then-more-sober Ted Kennedy’s part of the questioning of those two.

Do you not think that when the very existence of liberty is in danger, as it is right now, it is time to abandon your polite little thoughts about ‘respect’ and do whatever you can to save what’s left of the republic?  It’s as though you Republicans come to the OK Corral with squirt guns while the opposition is armed with Colt .45s.  When asked why, you say, “It wouldn’t be right to use a real gun.  Someone might get hurt.”

We WANT someone to ‘get hurt.’  We want the haters of liberty to be DEFEATED!  (How hard is that to understand, you gutless Republicans?)

Even the few fairly good Republicans these days are WEENIES.  Gentlemen and gentlewomen who have any regard for liberty:  it is time to ‘take off the gloves.’  It is time to ‘get down and get dirty.’  It is time to do whatever is necessary to defeat the enemy, those who would sacrifice liberty to their vision of a collectivist state.

Stop being ‘polite’ –whatever you think that means.  This is no drill!  Do whatever you must to make clear liberty-despising mind behind Sotomayor’s fake, smug little face.  Do it now before it is everlastingly too late.

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