Monday, July 13, 2009

Pushing Me Toward Hate


It’s official now, and I will publically admit it:  I am very close to hating the Obama administration.  I think I am about to hate Obama himself.  Why?

Not for the policies, as bad as those are.  They are simply designed to destroy liberty and turn what little is left of a free society into soft fascist state.

What I am about to hate Obama for is what he has done to me, to my mind, to my attitude.  He ran for president as the first (partly) black man to do so.  He allowed his supporters to turn his election into a racial matter.  I have never cared what color a person is.  But the incessant harping about Obama’s mixed race – as stupid as some of that harping is – has made it almost impossible to ignore race.  And that is wrong.

I wanted to evaluate Obama as a person, period.  That has not been permitted.  People keep screaming that I must evaluate Obama as a ‘racial unit’ of some kind.  That is demeaning both to him and to me.  He seems to revel in being demeaned like that.  But I hate the fact that these people are trying to suck me into all this.

True to his disgusting form in this regard, he has appointed someone to the Supreme Court who – everyone insists – must be evaluated, not as a person and a justice, but as a ‘Latina woman.’  I have tried very hard, in a society that sometimes makes it very difficult, NOT to evaluate people in terms of sex and race.  (Note:  not ‘gender’ – words have a gender, humans have a sex.)

But now the fact that this justice-deficient ‘justice’ is a Latina woman is being rammed down my throat.  And I am very close to hating all the people who are doing that, from Obama and his administration to those nit-wits in the United States Senate who are pushing for the confirmation of this – not person – but this ‘Latina woman.’

I am very close to hating all the people who are doing these things, because they and what they are doing is evil, and it is hard not to hate evil, even when it is personified.

I hate that they are trying to make me hate.  May God bring swiftly upon them all the reward they so richly deserve for being purveyors of hate.

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