Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pretend to Care for Fun and Profit

Todays Comic

Does this sort of thing make you as sick as it does me?

At one grocery store, they want to sell me a cloth bag for $1.99 so I won’t use their paper bags.  I don’t mind that they want to do that, but I do mind that they (very thinly) attempt to disguise their real motives by claiming that this will ‘help the earth.’  No, it won’t.  But it will help the grocery store – and that would be fine if they had the guts to admit it and not hide behind the idiocy of environmentalism.

At another grocery/department store their ever-present-and-babbling TV screens urge me to buy their ‘organic’ products – which happen to be much more pricey than the regular stuff.  I don’t mind the store hocking the organic junk.  But I feel like throwing a piece of fruit at the big screen when it tells me how this will ‘help the environment.’  It will help the store.  I wish they had the guts to admit it, and not hide behind the idiocy of environmentalism.

And the problem goes beyond the simple hypocrisy here.  When companies begin to think they can profit from the stupidity of environmentalism, they suddenly become willing accomplices with the idiot environmentalists to ram their stupid ideas down the throats of the rest of us.

Here is a possible way for a company to ‘cash in’ on the environmental movement in a way that would be both honest and helpful for the general welfare.  Companies could put bounties on the heads of environmentalists.  You bag one and bring it in, and you get cash, store credit, or some other tangible reward.  The higher profile the environmentalist, the bigger the prize.

Yes, yes – I know it is not morally permissible thus to kill.  But couldn’t we just temporarily assume the leftist ethic of the environmentalists, which often assumes the permissibility (and for some, even the desirability – and some have so said) of killing unwanted babies?  Then, just before bagging some unwanted environmentalist, we could simply say, “Sorry, we thought you were a baby!”

I suppose not.  But can’t we dream?

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