Sunday, July 5, 2009

Of Orange Juice and Environmentalists

I recently purchased some very tasty orange juice, the kind that has never been frozen.  Being of modest means as I am, I would not normally buy that kind.  But last week at the grocery store it was marked down to 91 cents per half gallon.  On my orange juice box (and at the listed website) I found this little notice:

Give Rescue the Rainforest your best squeeze, what a wonderful feeling.

As I explored the website I found this:

Cool Earth is a UK based international organization that is working hard to rally everyone's efforts to halt climate change. By participating, you're helping us give Cool Earth the tools to protect the world's most endangered pieces of rainforest. Together we will preserve more rainforest and help stabilize our precious climate.

Visit the Cool Earth site to learn more.

So I visited the “Cool Earth” site to learn more, and I learned that their motto is “Keeping Carbon Where It Belongs.”  According to the Cool Earthers, carbon belongs in forests.

I must give this group credit.  Their immediate goal is to convince people to donate money to keep people away from ‘rain forests’ and thus ‘keep carbon where it belongs.’  I saw no mention on their website of lobbying governments to force people to do anything.  Unfortunately, the Cool Earthers are part of Guardian Environment Network which is clearly devoted to using the state to interfere with humans doing much of anything that would in any way change the world.

And so we have come to the point where all sorts of companies, like Tropicana, are using the ‘green’ movement as a marketing tool to the kind of muddle-minded people who would like governments to further and further restrict human activity in favor of ‘not changing the planet.’

One problem with all this is theological.  God made us to ‘subdue’ – which includes ‘using’ - the planet, and even other planets if that is feasible.

Other problems are technological.  Why should we think carbon belongs only in forests?  Why should we even worry about the ‘location’ of carbon when CO2 – a very tiny percentage of our atmosphere and only a small part of many ‘greenhouse’ gases – has been increasing in the last several years while the temperature of the planet is flat-lined?

We are rapidly approaching a situation in which those of us who simply want to live and use the earth in productive ways will have to engage in warfare with environmentalists.  If we surrender to them, we can expect to live miserably, or perhaps not at all.  They have their tentacles in many locations now, even orange juice containers.

Rather than just sit back while we slide back into the stone age, it is time to declare war openly on the environmentalists.  They have made themselves the enemies of civilization.  Civilization needs to fight back – soon and hard.

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